If you’ve always wanted to have a medicine chest filled with hand-made, locally foraged remedies which you have a deep connection with this is the course for you - Christine, a student

Our senses were once an isntrument for discovery. A bitter taste would tell us of poison, a sweet one, a sign of nourishment. Through our senses we would instinctually know what to eat and what to use as medicine. We still have these senses and we can re-discover how to use them simply by taking the time to Listen.

Each month a mystery herb will be delivered to your door and you'll be guided through a mindfulness exercise with the tea. Only after you've had your experience will you find out what the herb is. By studying one herb each month you will become confident in using herbs effectively and safely without feeling overwhelmed. You will get a deep connection with each plant at a pace that suits you. Not to mention, the connection you'll establish with your body too.