"In a typical day, I rush from place to place always focused on the next thing. It’s wonderful to take time to sit, refocus my senses, and open my mind to learn while I sip. For a gift or for yourself, this is a great way to slow down, learn, and join a community of others — all over the world — doing the same." - Misadventures Magazine


"I feel through Listen I 'listen' more to my senses - I feel I get more in touch with nature and myself and all that at a slighly slower pace. It also has given me a strong awareness and sensitivity towards any herbs." - Franziska


" I really have loved the course. Such a lovely idea and I feel like I have my own little medical cabinet now!" - Melanie


"It's made me realise that there's more to herbalism than just what you read. There is a deeper element to the practice of herbalism that is often ignored in preparations you can get "over the counter". It's really great taking time out for yourself. It helps to learn the herb on all levels and see if your experience is the same as others." - Scott


"Everyone on this planet needs to stop and just be once in a while and with a cup of delicious herbal tea and the chance to learn something new, I don't see why I would do anything other than recommend this! The sense of community, taking much needed time out on a normally hectic full moon to sit and just be. Its a great practice to do, I will definitely continue to do it, with or without a cup of tea!" - Sarah


"I felt peaceful and comforted throughout the session and the whole experience reminded me of how important it is not to pre-judge a herb and just to approach it without preconceptions." - Vanessa