2017 Health Trend: Menstrual realness

About time too!

I can't tell you how happy I was to see this is a trend for 2017. People like Lisa Lister, Alexandra Pope, Miranda Gray, Lara Briden and Holly Griggs-Spall are leading the way. But what do they mean by menstrual realness?

I guess that's up to us to define. What it made me think about is the many myths surrounding periods. The myths I'm talking about are so ingrained that most women believe them to be true as well. The myth that periods are gross, uncomfortable, inconvenient or (heaven forbid) un-sexy. Just look at this "retro" advert from 1994 that goes to show that if you use their compact tampon you can pretend like you never have periods are are consistently available for sex. 

Now compare it with the new-wave of adverts from HelloFlo which is hilarious, sweet and also nearly made me cry. I love the frankness of it. But more than anything else I like that it sees periods as a positive thing. Something which we have a very special relationship with as women. The good AND the bad. 

Recently I've caught onto a youtube, Hannah Witton, who did a series on periods. She had been on the pill so long she was starting to wonder what she was missing out on. She was excited to experience them again and it's lovely seeing someone my age navigate her way through loads of things we originally learnt at school about how to use tampons and sanitary pads all over again. 

I'm very excited for this new wave of advertising because they really will change the psyche of the public. As much as we'd lie to think adverts don't affect us, they really do. 

I am still aware that it's not always appropriate to talk about periods in the general public. I suppose it's not always appropriate to talk about a lot of body processes like pooing or weeing either. But I think I should be able to tell my colleagues when it's the first day of my period without feeling embarrassed or whispering the news to a female colleague behind a closed door. I don't think I should have to hide un-used tampons. We don't hide toilet paper or new nappies. 

Let's have a look at another one from HelloFlo that invites us to flaunt our periods as a sign of our fertility. #periodpower

If you want to explore the idea of enjoying your periods and finding ways to control your PMS then be sure to sign up for the PMS course which is only open till 10pm on the 23rd of Jan.