Spring Clean Mister

City Living Hedge Witchery with the Little Witch Spring Cleaning Magick for March 2015

For me, spring is all about the element of water and it’s ability to make things clean and fresh. It’s in the melting snow, the budding leaves and shoots, and the freshness and tingle that seems to be in the air! What better way to celebrate the joy of spring cleaning, than to share with you the Little Witch’s favourite spring cleaning potion. This potion is emotionally and mentally strengthened by the use of clean smelling and stimulating essential oils and flower essences that remind us of the invigorating power of spring. It’s great for spring cleaning, motivation, getting rid of energetic rubbish and the general soft, energising, healing after emotional stagnation.

Spring Clean Mister

250 ml of my Mother Moon Water

1 ml (or a good dash) of my Spring Clean Tonic

3 Drops Snowdrop Flower essence

3 Drops White Crocus Flower essence

3 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

4 Drops Palmarosa Essential Oil

  1. Mindfully combine the ingredients into a mister bottle with bursting, fresh spring energy in thought.
  2. Holding the bottle in both hands, charge it by visualising sparkly golden and silver, bubbly, fizzy, white light entering the bottle from all sides, above and below.
  3. With an empowering affirmation or chant focus and seal this spring energy in. Currently I’m loving; “Spring energy flows through me, and for me, out into my world, showering me with cleansing, joy and blessings!”

The floral water holds the energies of:

  • cleansed water (empowered by all the crystal, herbal and light energy added to it)
  • lunar empowerment (charged under the full moon, with the holed stone, quartz and silver to lock in all the mooney goodness)
  • self-love (which is the basis for all manifestation, via the rose addition. In fact any floral water will work, whatever you are drawn to. I switch between Rose and Lavender when my mood needs it).

It’s that easy, and now all you have to do is spritz the potion in rooms, on yourself, beloved others, (or even non-beloved others) or anywhere where you want to cleanse and charge with the flowing, bursting, fresh energy of spring.

Spring Clean Vinegar

You will need:

Foraged spring greens such as nettle, dandelion, cleaver, dock, wild garlic, yarrow, jack-in-the-hedge or plantain.

The herbal vinegar tonic can be made quite easily (and really, its damn easy)

Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Take the forage spring greens and whack them in a bottle of good quality (why would you ever use bad quality anything?) apple cider vinegar.
  2. Leave this to infuse for at least two weeks to a month.
  3. You then simply strain out the herbs, and enjoy the herbal vinegar as a salad dressing, or in a little water throughout the day.

Apple cider vinegar is a great all-over body and organ tonic, especially for the liver, and magickally its great for breaking spells and giving things a fresh start. This potion will help to eliminate any lingering nasties from the winter, and bolster and build the system up for spring, whilst energetically being a fabulous way to imbibe and take the energy of spring into the body and energy systems.

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DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend these potions be used instead of medication. We do not recommend you consume them unless you have consulted your health practitioner first.