5 ways your life will improve by charting your hormone cycle

5 ways your life will improve by charting your hormone cycle

When I was a teenager I took "the pill" for contraception. But I found myself in a never-ending loop of Cystitis leading to antibiotics, leading to Thrush, leading to anti-candida drugs. This pattern would rinse and repeat itself every few months. It was awful. When I started working at Neal's Yard Remedies I told one of my colleagues and they suggested it was the pill upsetting my hormone levels. I was intrigued to say the least. The thought of ending the burning pain, the itching, scratching, horrible symptoms, was so tempting. I just had to find out. 

So I stopped taking the pill.

I was so scared. The fear of pregnancy was deeply ingrained in me. There had to be an alternative to hormone manipulation to achieve contraception, surely! Sure enough, I found a method, the family planning method, which was listed on the NHS website as more effective than condoms when used correctly! I was blown away! Why hadn't anyone mentioned this before?

The reason they hadn't mentioned it is (I think) because they didn't think a teenager was capable of reliably keeping a chart of their signs and symptoms to tell where they were in their hormone cycle. Well, I sure showed them. I've been charting for over 10 years and not a single mishap yet!

Charting has opened a whole new world of living that I had only glanced at before. Now that I've done it for so long it's second-nature. I don't even need the actual charts anymore. Here are some of my favourite benefits to charting.

1. You'll know when to expect your period (and therefore PMS too). A lot of the woes of being a woman is down to hormone changes that are perfectly natural but they are (generally) not accepted. It's not acceptable to have a day every month where you absolutely can not tolerate someone shoving you on the tube, or your partner leaving the seat up. I personally think this is societies problems rather than the woman's "fault". By knowing when my periods are due I know I can take it easy, have some alone time and contemplate my life. This generally gives me a bigger tolerance for the shoving from strangers on public transport.

2. You'll know when you're ovulating (to avoid or get pregnant). This is also your most naturally out going and sociable time. I find planning parties roughly around that time makes me a much better attendee or host.

3. You'll know when you're most sexy. Ovulation makes you smell and behave differently. In fact, strippers get tipped much more when they're ovulating in comparrison with when they're bleeding. 

4. You'll know when you're most likely to get sick and feel tired. Just before your period and during is when your immunity is particularly low. If you've been over doing it it's easy to get a cold during this time. By knowing this you can take steps to avoid getting sick like taking some elderberry syrup. 

5. You'll understand all sorts of symptoms you thought were random signs of impending doom are actually just normal hormone changes for you. 

If you want to learn how to chart your hormone cycle I made a lovely free webinar. All you need to do is fill in this form and I'll send you it right away.


Next week I'll be explaining the deeper changes charting has made to me at a spiritual and emotional level. 

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Webinar Preview


Each of us is different and responds to the natural flow of our hormones differently. I'd like to invite you to learn about an amazing thing called the Fertility Awareness Method. It is a way you can discover all the microscopic signs your body gives about where your hormones are at. I've put together a free webinar to teach you the basics. Just fill out the form below and it'll be sent to your inbox.