5 ways to celebrate spring with Hannah Bullivant

Yesterday as I walked into town, I felt the warmth of the sun on my face for the first time this year. I actually stopped on the street, face upturned, and smiled right into it. Our unseasonably warm winter has given a head start to spring bulbs- many of which are already bursting forth and flowering jubilantly- but theres more to come. Some snowdrops are still hanging around, and Narcissus, Hyacinth, Tulips, Crocuses and Daffodils are in their peak. We can look forward slightly later on to primroses, cowslips, oxslips, violets, forget me nots and then later still in May, carpets of bluebells. Spring is such a joyful month! Here are some simple ways to celebrate

  1. Celebrate Spring! Host a spring teaparty in the garden for your kids, or invite your friends round. Or cook a spring roast with baby vegetables and lamb. This Spring Lamb recipe makes my mouth water… http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/lamb-recipes/spring-lamb-vegetable-platter-mint-sauce-chianti-gravy-chocolate-fondue/#CukMsBfots4KCmEe.97 
  2. Bring a branch inside from the garden, especially if its budding. You could hang small ornaments off the branches. 
  3. Fill the house with local Spring flowers (avoid the stuff from the supermarkets mind- bad news for the planet). Local farmers markets will be full of tulips and daffodils, and they look best in large bunches. Don’t forget your bedroom either- theres nothing like waking up to some sweetly smelling hyacinths. 
  4. Go to the woods with a flask and a snack and have a mini picnic amongst the wild flowers. The air is still fresh, cool and sweet so you’ll still need your layers, but its so lovely to be amongst the spring growth.
  5. Use spring-like ornaments to decorate the house such as bunnies, eggs and chicks. 

Hannah Bullivant is a passionate mother, feminist, maker, nature lover and blogger for Seeds and Stitches. She hopes to be able to share the ways she is trying to live more seasonally with her family, and to perhaps inspire you to think about doing so too. Living seasonally means being connected to whats happening outside, it means being mindful, and it also means making efforts to live lightly on this lovely earth of ours.