The Summer is over and the changing of the leaves are teaching us how beautiful it is to let things go. We are enjoying food and drink spiced with warming, enchanting scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove and all about people get ready for the best holiday of the all; Samhain (or Halloween if you’re all about dress up and candy!)

At this time, one thing can be sure, the Sun’s light and warmth are well into its sleepy-time schedule. We’ve already worked on building a connection to the light and energy of the sun, but when it’s quite cold and dreary outside, what are you to do when you want to feel the warmth of the sun again? Why, use a magickal mantle enchanted with the Sun’s heat that you prepared earlier of course!

I always make sure, that I have a few garments in my Little Witch’s wardrobe (well, usually more than a few) enchanted to serve various purposes that I might need. Does this seem intriguing or odd, to weave a little bit of ju-ju into sartorial works of art? Well it shouldn’t, I mean we’ve all been doing it for ages!

Have you ever received a clothing gift that you loved, because it was hand made (by a loving mother lets say), or reminded you of a great time with loved ones (the matching bracelet you and your girlfriends got when you were young and carefree), or even the obligatory ugly sweater you hate (because it smells of the grandmother you loathe), and you find that when you wear it, your mood instantly shifts? Well this is the same! It’s all about imprinting energy onto something, and then tapping into it when it’s used.

In this instance, I like to keep one big scarf (well it’s kinda like a blanket that I wrap myself up in during the winter), that’s been infused with all the glowing, moving, warmth of the sun. Like the idea? Why don’t you give it a try and let us know how it goes for you!

Enchanting Your Mantle of the Sun:

What you’ll need;

  • 1 Orange or Yellow Scarf (or really any cozy, warm, solar coloured item of clothing or bedding, that just makes you feel warmly comfortable and ready to face the cold)
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Orange Essential Oil (I use these because they evoke connection to solar energy for me)
  • Orange Coloured Candle (Or any solar coloured candle you’d like)
  1. Firstly, make sure that your item of clothing is both clean and cleansed (give it a lil cleansing ritual, so that it’s clear of any traces of lingering other energy that might get in the way. A once over with some smudge and intention always works for me).
  2. Then on a sunny and warm day, at the least, on a sunny-ish day in a warm, cozy environment, place the item of clothing in a place where it can absorb the light and warmth of the Sun for an hour or two.
  3. Take the candle and light it (placing it safely near the item of clothing, where it wont set fire to anything), then greet the energy of the Sun, asking it for it’s warmth of enter and suffuse the item of clothing with the restorative powers of joy, bliss and cozy, cozy warmth.
  4. As you do this, visualise golden, sparkly rays of light and energy tumbling down from the Sun towards the item of clothing. As this energy touches the fibres of the item of clothing, it suffuses into the threads, making them sparkly and glow with the same warmth and vibrancy. Really see and feel this shift in the heat in your minds eye, and visualise what that warmth would feel like, wrapped around your body. Sincerely feel how it would make brighten, ease and cozy up.
  5. When you feel the item is enchanted enough, seal the magick in, by sprinkling just a few, strategically and potently placed drops of the essential oils onto it. As you do this, visualise the energy being locked in, and enable to escape, but still giving off it’s warmth and glow without loosing any vibrancy. Here, a few drops are more than enough, don’t overdo it with the scent, keep it minimal and secret, just for you!
  6. Thank the Sun for it’s gift, and leave the candle burning safely if you can (or if you can’t, move it so that it can burn all the way down without starting a blaze) as a token of thanks and offering to the Sun.
  7. Now that you’re done, simply wrap yourself in your blessed solar mantle, scented with warm scents of the autumn season, and enchanted with glowing solar warmth, and enjoy internalise the Sun’s healing warmth and heat. I adopt the mantle when I leave the Little Witch’s homestead during the cold months, allowing me to wander hedge and sidewalk bolstered with warmth and joy.

Give it a go, and let us know how it works for you!


Happy enchanting!

By Little Witch Kris

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