Almond Milk

We all need to know how to make nut milks. It's simply not equivalent to buy them in the shops. Here's why. 


High pressure processing is a way of treating liquids to increase their shelf life and kill the bacteria inside them. That may seem like a good thing but it tends to reduce the nutritional value of the milk or juice too. This means that you're left with a fairly benign food at the end of it. Even things which say they're cold pressed may have been treated with HPP after. I have found that many companies write it on the side of their packets but I'm not convinced that the lack thereof implies this definitely hasn't happened. We are being failed by what's allowed on food packages into thinking things are better for us than it first seems. 

You will need:

1 cup of raw organic almonds

4.5 cups of water

2 pinches of salt

2 teaspoons of raw honey

  1. Cover the almonds with water and leave it overnight in the fridge
  2. Strain off the liquid in the morning then pulverise in a food processor with the 4.5 cups of water, salt and honey. 
  3. Strain the liquid through muslin cloth, squeezing it through as much as possible and you're done

When I first tried making this I double strained the liquid but actually this took away a lot of the creamy sweet flavour. One strain is definitely enough. Charisse Baker from the East London Juice Company once recommended to me that I should use the spent almond bits to make cookies and save any almost gone-off almond milk by freezing it into ice cubes and using it straight from the freezer in smoothies. Genius! 

This process can be repeated with almost all nuts but you'll only need 4 cups of water for Walnut, Brazil and Hazelnut.