Ashwagandha literally means "smell of horse" and is said to give the strength and vigour of a horse. I have chosen to talk about this amazing herb as it is one of the primary revujenating herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. I am sure that many of you are starting to feel the strain of all the summer activity. I have found that with so much daylight to play with, I have been making the most of it with early mornings and late nights and it has finally caught up with me. Ashwagandha is my number one go to herb for when I know I have pushed my body and mind too far.

Ashwagandha is a  small woody shrub that flowers all year round. But it is the root that is used medicinally. The root is ground into a powder which I love to add to smoothies or nut milks.

It's great for stress and insomnia as it calms the nerves and eases anxiety. It's fantastic if you feel exhausted, overworked and edgy. Although it calms, it also rejuvenates your energy levels and builds vitality. A very nourishing and supportive herb all 'round.

Other uses include memory and mind longevity, fertility, immunity and joint health. It has a bitter-sweet flavour and is traditionally taken with warm milk and honey in India. You should use 1-2 teaspoons daily and do not give to children or use during pregnancy. Here's a yummy recipe to get you started.



1. Heat the milk in a small saucepan with the ashwagandha root, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamon and nutmeg.

2. When the milk starts to steam, turn off the heat and cover with a lid. Allow to infuse for 15 minutes.

3. Strain the milk to remove the spices and return to the heat.

4. Add the honey and stir until the honey is dissolved and then remove from heat.

5. Add the rose water.

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