Candle Magick

Nothing says celebration, solstice and gratitude than the simplicity and excitation of candle magick!

We’ve all heard about candle magick, whether it’s through a friend saying they will ‘light a candle’ for you in a time of need, or the amazingly colourful novena candles in bonticas and spiritual shops or even just enjoying the amazing change that a scented candle can do to the environment.

The essence of the fire element, it’s passion, excitation, transformation and light. It’s the tangible manifestation of something beyond and mystical that we can bring into our house and work with on greater spiritual paths.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about candle magick recently, and there seems to be much debate as to how to do it. Obviously, like all magick the golden rule is ‘work with what works for you’, but in the interest of sharing practices, I’m going to explain the way I do it to show how amazingly engaging and transforming it can be. If your practices differ, please let us know, we love hearing about how magick works for you. Sharing is the best way of learning from one another, and we’d love to hear more. My way is the result of much experimentation, and by no way is a complete dogmatic way to work. You’ll see that it is super easy too, and can be done with just a few tid-bits you probably already have in your kitchen.

Firstly, the candles I generally use are split into two categories, the planned candle spells, and the ‘on the fly’ ones. When working magick I’ve previously planned, the candles are organic beeswax pillar, taper and sculpted candles in a colour appropriate to the working I’m doing. Mostly these are unscented, but sometimes they can be with the essential oils that match the purpose. The ‘off the cuff’ spells I work mostly use a plain white tea light. These are great for candle magick, as the colour can be used for just about any spell, are easy to dispose, with little mess and have quicker burn times.

Candle Magick Basics:

1)   Write a intention paper

Creating a set intention for the purpose of this candle, is a great focusing tool. A small square of paper, written with beautiful and loving script about what you want to manifest, adorned with scent and folded according to your need (fold towards you to bring something to you, and away to send something away) is simple and easy to do. This I place under the candle just before setting it, so the spell has its clear roots to work.

2)   Dressing the candle

I usually carve the candle (with my favourite quarts point or hawthorn thorn) with the intent of the spell (doubling up never hurts to clarify and focus energies). Next I rub the candle with some essential oil, that relates to the conditions of the magick, diluted in a carrier oil (plain olive oil works just fine for just about any condition). Rubbing the oil from the top to the bottom I use to bring things to me, and from the bottom to top to send things away. Next I even roll (remembering towards you to bring something to you, and the opposite to send something away) the candle in some herbal powder (ground up herbs that match the magick of the spell). All this dressing helps to really condition the energy of the spell to match the desired outcome. Be careful to remember fire safety and burning hazards when dressing candles. Oil and herbal matter is flammable, to make sure this dressing occurs outside of the candle, away from the lit wick.

3)   Setting and lighting

Make sure the candle is placed where it can burn safely, in a fireproof container, and in congruence with the intent of the magick. Placing the intention paper under the candle, I like to say a final prayer to the powers, stating my intent out loud. And then it comes to light that baby up!

Sometimes I like to watch the burn and auger the outcome of the spell. I even sometimes look at the shapes in the wax as another form of divination on the outcome.

The process can be super simplified in a pinch, using one of those gorgeous tea lights, a scratching of the intent in the wax, burnt on top of the paper, and a prayer said aloud. That quick and simple, and most of all powerful and effective.

Give it a go and let us know how it goes!

With Love,

The Little Witch