How to become a herbalist


I’m happy to say the most frequent question I get off the back of my podcast is ‘how do I study as a herbalist’? This podcast, and final episode, aims to answer that question for anyone in the UK and gives some online options too.

The information in this podcast was true in 2018. Please check the course websites below to ensure nothing has changed since then. You’ll see from the list I’ve placed below how incredibly varied the courses are now but generally last 3 years. Although this is aimed at people wanting to practice as a herbalist you’ll find that almost every institution offers courses which suit those of you with a casual interest in herbal medicine for home use too.

British Herbal Medicine Courses

College of Naturopathic Medicine  

Cost £4000

Length 5 years

Total £20,000

Based in London and Manchester

Betonica - Laura Carpenter 

Cost £1100 to £2620

Length 4 years

Total £8,540

Based in Somerset

School of Herbal Medicine - Maggie Pope 

Cost £3000/yr

Length 6 years

Total £18,000

Based in Somerset and Allerford

Heartwood Professional Course 

Cost (at least) £2000/yr

Length 3 years

Total £6,000

Based Online (and near you)

Westminster University <— No longer available, I had to botch an edit to remove this from the podcast
School of Intuitive Herbalism - Nathaniel Hughes

Cost £1000 – £1800/yr

Length 7 years

Total at least £7,000

Based in Gloucestershire

Sensory Herbalism Apprenticeship - Karen Lawton, Fiona Heckles and Belle Benefield 

Cost £2000

Length 1 year (with 2 more possible after that)

Total £2,000

Based in Dorset

Lincoln College - 

Cost £7999/yr

Length 3 years

Total £2,3997

Based in Lincoln

The Plant Medicine School - Nikki Darrell  

Cost €1500/yr

Length 3 years

Total €4,500

Based in Cork, Ireland


Podcast E26 Elecampane

Belle Benfield shares with us her deep rooted connection with Elecampane. She became a herbalist after years of studying on an apprenticeship with Karen and Fi from Sensory Solutions and now works side by side with them.


Podcast E25 Marshmallow

Amparo is a Spanish born Scotland based herbalist. She learnt Herbal Medicine in the UK and is currently training to become a doctor. She brings a fresh look at Marshmallow using her wonderfully in-depth and colourful knowledge of phytochemistry. 


Podcast E24 Shepherd's purse

Sarah Smith is an old friend of mine. She qualified from Lincoln University just a couple years after me. Since then she's gone on to qualify in massage, and as a doula. I have to say, Sarah gives the best deep tissue massage I've ever had! 


Podcast E23 Rose

Vivienne is passionate about Rose. I'm sure drinking rose tincture whilst recording helped a little with that too. She's created an amazing online course in which she teaches herbal medicine which is linked to below. In this episode we talk about the medicinal value of Roses. We talk mostly about the wonderful uplifting properties it has for emotions.