Does technology help or harm your social life?

Modern technology has allowed us to communicate with each other more easily than ever before. Long gone are the days where you need to go out to the local telephone box to call your friend. We are so readily available to each other sometimes we can forget to put the effort in to real-life hands-on shared experiences. We are more likely than ever before to move away from family and friends, comforted by the notion that they are only a skype-call away. But really, is there anything more sweet and soul-nourishing than the shared experiences we can get from real-life? 

Life is hectic. While we thought technology would allow us to find some spare time to chill out and socialise, the opposite is true. We use technology to allow us to work more than ever before. It is becoming more and more difficult NOT TO work. 

My tea recipe for NOT WORKING:

  • Liquorice 10g
  • Rose 10g
  • Mint 20g

I actually have two phones because of this issue. I simply can’t ignore or put aside a call from a patient or email from a work contact if it comes through while I’m out, or even, about to sleep! So I’ve got one phone for work, which I can put on silent and tuck away in my bag, and my normal phone which is constantly by my side. In fact, if you’ve ever tried to get me by phone you’ll know you are better off sending me an email! 

There’s no getting around it. There’s no simplifying it. If you want to be with friends you just have to organise it. You can’t expect to bump into people. People need to know, literally weeks in advance, that you want to see them. 

This year, I’ve decided to spend a little money on some finishing touches to our dining room in the hopes I can make this the centre point of many-a-night of laughter with friends. We will be starting with EUROVISION! Woo hoo! One night of utter-tack craziness each year that I love to cringe at. 

I encourage you to organise an event, even if it’s something simple, to hang out with your friends this month. I will simply be opening my doors, turning on the telly, and making guacamole with chips and asking people to bring wine. If you’re enthused and would like to make a cocktail for your guests I’d highly recommend Emily Han’s wonderful book about herbal cocktails. It’s fantastico. 

Would love to see pictures of your real-life good times. 

For more tips of hosting simple low-budget events for friends check out the upcoming release of mine and Hannah Bullivant’s seasonal living e-course at In the weeks running up to it’s release we will be giving away free bonus material from the course to those special people who sign up for updates.