“You can be and do anything you want” I have heard this throughout my life. As a child I thought it meant the likes of having super powers to get all the things I loved and wanted at the time. Like the ability to run super fast so that no one could catch me in a game of ‘it’! As I grew up this idea remained in my subconscious as something applied to fantasy rather than truth.

As a grown woman with my childhood and 20’s under my belt, this idea has remerged with a different meaning. One that is more relevant to now. Dreams and aspirations have become more relevant to the present.  Not so much out there and beyond the scope of this reality. For the first time this statement actually rings very true.

When your goals and dreams are formed in harmony with your wellbeing, health, creativity, joy, growth and expansion, then possibility lays in rich and abundant soils. Unwanted habits, patterns, relationships can be perceived as the weeds that leach nutrients from the soil. Not leaving much space for new or old wanted and preferred ideas and dreams to thrive.

Often we are seeking the emotional gratification associated with our goals and desires. Therefore dig deeply to see what is needed, ask yourself why. You might reveal some primal truths linked to your early years. This might also expand your awareness to other aspects of your environment that you didn’t notice before. Hence helping you to form a clearer picture. In order to change things you must first come to see things as they are presented to you within your life. Evaluate yourself and check in to see if things are reflecting your current value systems, needs and goals. This ever changing and adapting process is actually occurring naturally regardless of our conscious awareness. To be more aware of this is to become an active participant, creating your life towards a better quality of living.

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things - Leonardo da Vinci 

Make time to think about what might be going on in terms of feelings, thoughts and situations in relation to certain areas of your life. This is  tending to your garden. What brings you joy, peace, expansion, vitality, confidence, etc? Then think about the blocks that might be preventing these wanted attributes from developing and strengthening within their due time.  What would you like instead of these unwanted aspects? When you remove an unwanted plant from the soil, plant another that you do want. This enables you to create a better alternative.  This works well in regards to mental and emotional attitudes. As these are often the main suspects for self sabotage.

Using a Feng Shui Wheel can be very helpful in bringing the light of awareness to areas of your life such as:

Health, relationships, family, career, personal knowledge, expansion and wealth.

You can use the Wheel as a tool to gain greater awareness of whats going on in these area. Gaining insight into whats being malnourished, stagnant or in need or reassessing for instance. This really is a fun activity to do, and I encourage you to get creative about it. Try making a collage using images that embody your ideals and dreams. You can paint, draw, use key words, affirmations, symbols etc. Let this be an ongoing piece that you revisit. Adapting it to suit your developments and aspirations over time. Chop and change as life unfolds.   Place this in an area of your home or room that you’ll look at daily. This will enable the mind to memorise it hence strengthening its intention.

Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to a single image you can map out your room or home using Feng Shui principles. Introducing colours, objects pictures, plants, crystals etc. Remember to have fun with it.  Baring in mind that Interior design is not the objective. Its about practicing awareness of your environment and its affects on you, your life and vice versa.

You are the architect of your life, 

the one who builds it, 

sustains and maintains it, 

as well as the one who dwells within it.

By Amara Atma