Fertility + Creativity Talisman

What does Fertility mean to you?

When you’re trying to get pregnant the only thing it means is the ability or inability to conceive a child. But for those who aren’t, like myself, fertility is also something I need to cultivate to remain creative. 

I work with sub fertile patients a lot and I apply this metaphor of creation to them just as I do people who have feelings that their creative fire has gone out. Fertility is a natural state which occurs when we truly look after ourselves; body, mind and soul. (Though I must say sometimes people are born with conditions which mean they can not conceive children. But of course this doesn’t mean they can’t be creative in other ways!) 

In the same way that a seed will not germinate if placed into sub-nutritious earth, an idea/child will not come to you unless you prepare your body in the same way. This requires a healthy diet which gets you all the nutrients you need as much as time to get inspired. We need to make space in our lives for children/ideas. We need to clear away stressful things which only pull down our energy level and deplete us of nutrients. 

I have to be creative on a regular basis and the only way I can do this is by taking regular breaks. I need to get out in nature, visit an art gallery, listen to some music. These things allow me to re-charge my battery and that’s when creative ideas come to me. 

I don’t HAVE ideas. Ideas come TO me. 

They come to me when I have made space for them in my life. 

This basic level of self-care is very much a base chakra thing. The base chakra is about the essentials in life; food, air, water. Because of this I’ve incorporated a few elements to tap into root chakra sensory triggers; the colour red, a snow flake obsidian, a red tigers eye stone, patchouli and sandalwood essential oils. These elements of the ritual are there to remind you of the essential requirement of self-care in fertility. 

Then I have chosen the classic metaphor for creation; the egg. The egg represents all that can be. It is pure potential. By using an egg we’re tapping into that age-old fertility metaphor. 

This ritual acts out the processes in life that you will go through to welcome in a baby/idea.

What you'll need:

  • Sandalwood essential oil (base chakra oil)
  • Red paper (base chakra colour)
  • Patchouli essential oil (base chakra oil)
  • An egg (symbol of fertility, birth, creation)
  • Red tiger's eye (for raising sexual energy)
  • Snowflake obsidian (for helping maintain inner balance)
  1. Cleanse all your supplies in incense smoke. Simply waft them in the smoke while thinking about how you are washing away any old energy left-overs from previous uses the object may have had. 
  2. Anoint yourself with the essential oils on your neck (or clothes if you are sensitive to essential oils) and breathe in their beautiful scent. This will help you relax and ground you into the ritual. 
  3. Take a moment to clear your mind of all outside influences and focus on what’s at hand.
  4. Take the red piece of paper, place it on the floor and trace your index finger along the top horizontal line of the paper. Think about the action of walking back and forth in a field to prepare the soil. As your finger comes down to the next invisible line (about a centimetre down) and across the page, imagine a plow turning the soil in preparation for the things to be planted. Keep going line by line till you reach the bottom of the page.
  5. Place the egg in the centre of the paper you have prepared. As you do, think of the egg being sucked towards the paper. You have prepared the paper and it now brings the egg towards it as though it were a magnet. This is how the idea/child will be magnetised towards you. 
  6. Place the stones around the egg and, holding your hands over everything, take time to witness this metaphor. Take time to allow the wisdom of your actions to sink into your every cell. 
  7. Once you feel satisfied you have taken on board the message of fertility to your subconscious take the egg outside and bury it along with a small piece of the red paper. 
  8. Use the essential oils in the house as a room fragrance for as long as you want afterwards to remind yourself of the message that self-care leads to fertility. You can also fold up the paper that’s left over and combine with the crystals in a little bag which you can carry around with you as a fertility talisman. 

The rituals we write for the blog are simply suggestions. We highly recommend changing the equipment to suit your own subconscious. If, for instance, red is a colour of danger to you and not the base chakra then think of a colour which will remind you of self-care. Perhaps it is a cooling blue colour or green instead. The metaphors you choose for your rituals must be personal to you. While some are classics which we all have in common (e.g. the egg) others are very personal. 

I’d love to hear how you choose to use the ritual and what alterations you make, if any. 

What do you already do for self care and when are you at your most creative?


By Natasha Richardson