With the evenings carrying a bit of a nip in the air and all the fast paced summer energy having its last push before we start going inwards again, I’m turning to nourishing and nurturing foods and drinks again and the following is my absolute Ayurvedic favourite. Many of you would have already heard of it or make your own. This recipe however is a vegan spin on the original.

Ingredients: Makes two cups

2 cups of Almond milk (the fattiest non-dairy milk to aid turmeric digestion)

1tsp coconut oil

1tsp turmeric powder

1 two inch cinnamon stick

Pinch of ground black pepper

2 cardamom pods crushed to release aromatic oils

Maple syrup to taste


This recipe couldn’t be easier to make! Add all ingredients to a small pot over a medium heat and stir occasionally. Only ever simmer the milk and don’t allow to boil as this can make it very bitter and burn off all of the healing essential oils. Strain into two cups and enjoy!

This warming and comforting drink has been used for centuries in India for many ailments as the benefits of all of these herbs are numerous. I’m going to talk about the main one which gives this drink it’s amazing sunshine colour. Tumeric is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and constituents that have been and are being studied for use against things like cancers, arthritis, ageing, toxins, blood issues and array of others.It is a blood purifier, anti-oxidant, carminative which means it can help soothe an over active digestive system, detoxifier and regenerator of liver tissue. It is anti-inflammatory for arthritis, skin disorders and asthma and these are to only name a few!

I feel that all of us could use a bit of tumeric in our lives. It is especially helpful during winter as energetically it is warming and that is why I love making this recipe in the evenings after dinner and before bed as it’s a cozy addition as well as containing so many amazing herbs for digestion, because as we all know, in the colder months we all turn to heavier solid meals to keep us going. You could also try experimenting with adding turmeric to your rice water when cooking or try your hand at a lovely and simple lentil or chickpea daal? Thses are amazing dinner or lunch options for the blustery days of Autumn.

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By Amber Petersen of Amber's Kettle.