Herbal Presents for the Herbie People in your life

This may seem a little early to buy Christmas presents but these presents are coming all the way from America so I'm recommending them now so you have time for them to get here before Christmas! I have been inspired by these creators for many years. Their individual styles and clean cut presentation appeals to me. Let's have a closer look at each one. 

King's Road Apothecary

Rebecca is actually from Scotland. She was on a Herbal Medicine degree over here in the UK when she was presented with the opportunity to move to L.A. Since moving she has set up an amazing monthly herbal box of goodies. She goes to forage for ingredients from the local environment. which in L.A. could be the mountains, the sea or even the desert as it is surrounded by all sorts. I have family in California and I once got one of these lovely boxes for my birthday. Even to this day I use one of the oils. Everything else I used up long ago. I'm always learning things from Rebecca too. She writes wonderfully long articles about the herbs she has foraged each month and she writes in this beautiful familiar and eloquent way. I'd highly recommend getting on her mailing list! 

Worts + Cunning

I interviewed Alexis for my podcast in 2015 but we actually met in California after I dared to introduce myself online. Alexis combines traditional astrological knowledge and layers that with her herbal knowledge to produce fantastic astro-herbology. She has an amazing subscription course which you can do from wherever you live. It seems like such a great way to learn about the herbs and totally original to any other courses I know of in the UK. Alexis writes about her own connection with the plants rather than relying on references to other people's writing. This is the sort of information we need to preserve as western herbalists. We have a broken tradition in writing which allows for this sort of creativity and I hope that these two fantastic women will inspire you to cultivate your own connections with the plants.