How I overcome my anxiety

Not everybody knows this but I sometimes struggle with anxiety attacks. They're not your typical attack as they go straight to my tummy rather than affecting my breathing. But the fear of having one can become such a problem in itself that it has stopped me from going in to London, socialising or visiting new places. Thanks to a lot of natural living techniques which I use to stay on top of it I haven't had these feelings for nearly 6 months now. The truth of the matter is, it doesn't happen if I'm not fatigued. Fatigue is the key for me. Here are the things I do to make sure I don't get so tired with life that anxiety starts to show up. 

I plan my tasks for the week in to a 9-5 Monday-Friday work frame.

It's easy as a self-employed person to work every hour of the day, and night. It's crucial for me that I have boundaries around my working time otherwise my brain gets stuck on work mode with no respite. If I have a lot on I like to brain storm everything down on a piece of paper then number them in order of priority. Then I put in my planner what I've got going on and see if I can fit it between those things between 9-5. If I can't I add it to next weeks list. There are only so many hours in the day. The worst thing you can do is write more things on your to do list than are humanly possible and then beat yourself up for not doing it! 

I plan what food I'll be eating from Monday to Thursday.

This is so that I have everything in stock during my working days where food is difficult to prepare or even get hold of. I've found that if I try to buy food for the whole week on a Sunday it has gone off by Friday so that's why I only plan up till Thursday. We have easily halved our food bill by doing this planning by the way. 

Avoid refined sugar by making my own snacks.

Part of my Sunday planning is to pick a healthy-ish treat that I can use as a snack during the day. Wether that's energy balls, paleo brownies or savoury cheese bites doesn't matter so long as it's easy to eat and transport. 

I try to exercise 3 times a week.

What type of exercise doesn't matter so long as I break a sweat. That's the good stuff, the endorphin boosting exercise helps me stay energetic and happy.

I use the app Relaxio

Relaxio is  a simple app with a choice of 8 sounds which you can change the levels of to create your own background noise. I like to listen to white noise on the way to and from work if I'm having to commute across London. 

Time in nature

I make sure I get outside every day. I try to spend half a day (at least) in nature each week. 

Bed-time routine

I have a sleep routine, I need to write a separate blog on that. 

No News is Good News

I don't read or listen to the news. It's just so damn depressing. I try to focus on the little polite things people do for each other instead. Like opening a door, helping with luggage, picking up something someone dropped, that kind of thing. 

I hope that gives you some things to start doing. You will have noticed that it didn't actually involve any herbs. I try not to take them when I'm just trying to stay at my healthiest. I tend to use herbs when I'm starting to show some cracks in the seams. More on the herbs I use for the initial signs of fatigue and anxiety next week.


Photo by @rachyrairai on instagram