Is Christmas the most stressful time of the year?

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but for most of us it's arguably the most stressful. For weeks before hand we desperately cram our work in so we can buy ourselves time off. We rush about the shops late at night desperately searching a for present for distant relatives we have no idea about. Not to mention the days of prepping the house for guests or, worse, travelling to someone else's house without public transport! 

Sadly, Christmas has gone a bit mad. Yule is a time for rest and reflection. A natural time for hygge but thanks to consumerism it's difficult to escape the pressures of present buying and socialising. This level of activity wouldn't be so bad if it were summer. But Yuletide is for hibernating! I've collated my favourite articles on stress to help you employ some good habits this season to help you keep it together till January :P 

I've even made a stress test - herbal tea recommendation quiz!! 

Once you have your result tuck into the first article which tells you the 3 stages of stress and which herbs to use.

Then have a read of this article about how relaxation in terms of a skill which can be learnt.

And this article about how slow living repairs the balance in your nervous system.

If you're feeling the first signs of stress effecting you here is some tasty recipes including a herbal hot chocolate.

When you've been stressed a while you might start to approach burn out, I usually feel a little burnt out in winter. If that's you, here are some herbs to help.

If you carried on through all the early signs to adrenal fatigue then this is the article for you.