Is health the ultimate luxury item?

Last year there was an issue of The Stylist which looked at luxuries. At that time I was wondering why my Peaceful Period course didn't have as many students as I would have liked and it got me thinking; is health and wellbeing the ultimate luxury?

It seemed from the responses I was getting to my course, which teaches how to embrace your period powers, that women see the idea of improving their periods as a luxury which isn't worth pursuing. Spending £300 on a course is crazy talk when you need to be saving for the deposit on a house, paying for child care or just paying the extortionate fees to travel in London each day. But we all know that our health is a commodity we can't live without. 

When it comes to period health the truth is that sometimes you can just ignore it for years and years till hopefully you either have a baby which cures it or you hit menopause. But for many women the monthly issue only gets worse and worse till it consumes their lives. That was me.  

I suffered with terrible period pain which, to this day, remains unexplained. It gradually got worse and worse so I worried about it more and more. The more exhausted I was with life, the lower my pain threshold got. The worse the pain, the more it interfered with my ability to work. Which freaked me out and it all started to spill over from just one day of mild cramps a month to a week of anxiety followed by a day of exhaustion followed by a couple days of incapacitating pain.  

But I read the works of people like Alexandra Pope and Lucy Pearce and learned that my period pain wasn't something that happened once a month, it was a symptom of something which was happening every day; I wasn't looking after myself.

I was, in extreme cases, working 20 days straight, with a 4 day rest, eating as cheaply as I could, then crashing out. By having this realisation I was able to create a healthier life for myself. One which I could keep up with. 

But I get it, we don't all have £300 to splurge on a course. That's why I've reduced the price to £99 (which includes £60 worth of self-care products) and you can now purchase the digital course, without the products, for just £39 if you prefer. The course will be open for enrolment later this month (March 26th-28th) so sign up to the mailing list to be sure you don't miss it.