Magic up Me Time

If you’ve ever got a flight you’ll remember the safety announcements. The morbid reminder that something could go wrong. In the event of you needing oxygen you must remember to put your own mask on before helping your child. This is the perfect analogy for why we should always remember to look after ourselves. Without doing this first, we can’t be of any help to others. If you’re a mother you’ll know how incredibly difficult this is. Someone once said to me there comes a time in our lives where we enter “the sandwich years”. These are the years where we are old enough to have children we are responsible for as well as parents who need care. Sandwiched between two generations which need your help it’s hard not to get exhausted.

This February I’m inviting you to start a small self-care routine of enjoying a cup of tea. Just a cup of tea. Not have a cup of tea while planning the day. Not have a cup of tea while making breakfast for the kids. I’m asking you to plan 15mins of your day where you can have a cup of tea, in quiet. If you’ve got kids you’ll need to do this when they’re out of the house, unless they’re old enough that you can slip away unnoticed. You’ll find that when you turn off the TV, radio, computer, phone, that time really slows down. You find yourself enjoying a cup of tea for what feels like an hour rather than 15mins. 

I’d recommend that you do this every day of your life but first try it for a month. Just a month. I’ll be doing the same this month. Here are the herbs I’d recommend working with; Lime Blossom, Lemon balm and Rose. These herbs are relaxing and I’ve chosen them because they help us love ourselves. Rose is traditionally associated with love of course. It also helps to balance female hormones. Lemon balm is a gentle relaxant that’s also uplifting. It won’t make you feel drowsy though it should help you sleep better at night. Lime blossom is the same in that respect but it’s also especially good for people who give out more than they take back for themselves. It also helps to lower high blood pressure. Try mixing them in the following quantities.

  • Rose 10g
  • Lime Blossom 20g
  • Lemon balm 10g

I’d love to see images of your #teatime ritual this month on instagram. Just use the hashtag #herbalising or you can tag me @ForageBotanicals, can’t wait to see!


By Natasha Richardson

Disclaimer: Please don’t use any herbs featured on this website for medicinal reasons without contacting your health practitioner first.