Conquer your Fears in 2016

January, here we are again old friend. The shiny optimism never gets old for me. We always set ourselves up with so many things to do and achieve. But why don’t we manage to follow through with them? 

Fear. Fear of failure, fear of success. It always comes down to fear. 

When it comes to will-power and getting sh*t done I like to focus on herbs which nourish the solar plexus. The solar plexus is one of the 7 chakras and it’s associated with our will. A really amazing herb in January is Calendula (Marigold). It’s yellow/orange colour is a dead give away that it works on the solar plexus as it’s the chakra associated with yellow. Not only does it help us tune into what drives us it also has an affinity for the throat where it helps us express ourselves. It’s important with any creative endeavour that we are able to express what we want to bring into the world. Or else it will never come to be.

To help you tune into the effects of Calendula it’s best to have a cup of the tea each day. But you can incorporate it by enjoying its colour as well. You could string together a whole bunch of them to make a wonderfully colourful wreath to hang in the house. You can also bathe in it. It’s great for dry skin actually and it’ll make a golden bath. If you want to avoid having to scrape the bottom of your bath with gunky bits of wet herb I’d really recommend using a sock or something to brew the tea in first. Don’t try to make it by putting the pretty petals straight into the water. It’s a nightmare to clean, trust me. 

Calendula Crafts


  • 20 heads of calendula (dried or fresh)
  • a needle
  • some thread
  1. Simply push the needle and thread through the head of the flower till your string is abundant with calendula flower heads


  • 10 calendula heads (dried)
  • 1 cup of epsom salts
  • 3 drops of Thyme essential oil
  • 1 tbsp of Calendula macerated oil
  • 1 old sock or a cut end of some old stockings, or a muslin sheet you can tie into a sealed pocket
  1. put your ingredients inside your stocking/sock/muslin
  2. tie it so it’s completely closed
  3. put it in the bath and run the hottest water on it you can for 5 mins
  4. add your cold water to touch
  5. get in your bath
  6. no need to remove the bath-tea-bag you can squeeze it onto the skin too

If you want to know more about Calendula you can purchase our monograph about it here. You can also listen to our podcast about it with the wonderful Darcey here. There’s even a monthly home-study course we run if you want to learn about herbs in-depth and start to make your own herbal medicine chest!

Disclaimer: please don’t use any herbs from this website medicinally without consulting your health practitioner first.