Meet the Maker: Honour Your Flow

I'd like to introduce you to this special lady. She makes the reusable cloth pads which I stock in the shop and is the founder of Honour Your Flow.

I still remember when I got my first set of cloth pads from Vicky. It was over 6 years ago. That feeling of excitement approaching my period was something I had never experienced before. Knowing that I had something so comfortable and luxurious to bleed on for the following month made me look forward to my period for the first time in my life! I had never even thought it was something you could look forward to. Well, Vicky proved me wrong.

I'm Vicky Sherrard, Founder of HYF.

We make organic cotton menstrual pads in all sorts of colours and sizes.

I first got into cloth pads when I lived in an off-grid community in the 1990s, then after having children, I needed more cloth pads, and couldn't easily find any. I have always appreciated the way I have been able to work from home, around the needs of my children (I am a single parent), whilst also expressing my creative designer nature.

The business started in 2010 just at the time I got rid of my partner! I started it with literally 2m of fabric and a sewing machine at the kitchen table. I have been able to grow the business organically , with no need for business loans or business premises. These days there are 3 other ladies on board, all sewing from home in hours to fit around their other commitments. The business ethos is organic and ethical, and that applies to all levels. I want to create a business model that works with and for people rather tan simply using them.

We are based in Cumbria, in the foot hills of the Lake District mountains. I don't feel influenced by other cultures or places; my inspiration is more political and spiritual if anything - I have several degrees in politics, and I believe that peace in the world is only possible when we have peace in our hearts. Helping women to be at peace with their cycle is hugely important in this process, because the menstrual cycle is the fundamental key to being a woman.