In light of this month’s cleansing theme we’ll be exploring the ways in which we can clear emotional and mental build up to give us greater clarity, ownership and stability. As we embark on the herbal, nutritional and yogic cleanses. Our bodies will release physical toxins as well as stored emotions. The liver is a great organ for detoxing and is traditionally associated with storing the unexpressed emotions of anger, resentment and bitterness. These emotions will inevitably be released as part of the cleansing process. So as a means of damage control I’ve come up with some suggestions to help you through. As with every month, some good old me time is called for. Create a warm, comfortable environment and take time to relax and meditate. Give yourself permission to look inwards. This can be done by asking for guidance from above or from whatever concept of spirit speaks to you. You may wish to light a candle, use essential oils, incense or drink a certain tea. Use this time to ponder into areas of your life which are drawing a lot of emotional and mental energy. Equally pay attention to those areas where there’s resistance or reluctance. This might draw you to areas that relate to pain or illness. This could be in the form of writing, journaling. drawing, painting,  singing, movement, dancing and many more.

This should lead you to some insights and ideas behind the situations and relationships that are giving rise to the unwanted feelings and thoughts. You might even get an emotional release as you give yourself this opportunity. By engaging yourself in this way you are lessening the chances of expressing them towards others in an uncontrollable way. Which may lead to unwanted conflict, hurt feelings and damaged relationships. It is the time spent here that can lead to personal empowerment through understanding and caring for the self in better ways.

Once you’ve done this you can then maximise your chances of healing by exploring some supportive and therapeutic aids such as;

Aromatherapy; Using essential oil for their emotional and psychological benefits.

Homeopathy: Healing through vibrational medicine.

Herbal medicine: Using various parts of plants to support and heal the body, mind and emotions.

Flower remedies: Using mainly flowers and other plant forms for vibrational healing.

All of the above can be used to support you in the clearing process. Depending on your personal and individual preferences you’ll find that the medicine will vary.  Speak to a practitioner to get the most out of the therapies.

Let us know what your time to yourself brought up @ForageBotanica