Pre-menstrual self-care

A friend of mine asked the other day if I had a blog about what to do premenstrually for self-care and, to my own surprise, I did not! Which is so flippin' ironic because it's what my course is all about. So here I am, rectifying the situation. 

To this day it remains a biological mystery why us women are plagued with PMT. No one knows exactly what hormone is to blame. In fact, turns out, it's not a hormone after all. It's so common among women that it should be considered normal. It has never been successfully treated by a singular hormonal treatment either. 

It's time we realised that PMT should stand for PreMenstrual Truth. Our hormones magnify whatever stress we have been dealing with each month. All too often we brush these feelings off as though they were simply momentary lapses of madness. But surprise surprise, you get the same lapse of madness the following month. Because in the end, it won't resolve until you find a way of processing whatever it is that's winding you up.

So where does that stress come from? It is my belief that it is largely environmental in the western world. We live in a society in which we wear our long working hours, lack of sleep and coffee requirements as badges of honour. The honour of who's most tired and wired. Taking time to rest is a rebellious act. You will achieve a level of productivity, creativity and intuition far greater than you ever could on 4 hours sleep and gallons of coffee. But rest isn't something that happens in the absence of stress. It's something that requires planning and preparation too. 

I've prepared my favourite top ten tips for giving yourself the time to rest, especially during your premenstrual phase because having a chilled period is an act of self-care that you deserve. 

top 10 premenstrual self-care tips.jpg

Top Tips for Premenstrual self-care

  1. Avoid sugar; it makes your premenstrual mood swings even worse

  2. Eat slow burning nourishing foods like sweet potatoes, porridge and roots.

  3. Book a massage, if you're into that sort of thing.

  4. Keep a PMT (pre menstrual truth) journal, and write down all the maddening thoughts you have, before you shout them at your partner wait a week, let the hormones settle and see what truth laid beneath the madness.

  5. Eat proper raw chocolate like conscious chocolate (try the rose, it's to die for).

To get even more tips download my top 10 pdf below.