City Living HedgeWitchery with the Little Witch

And so it starts, our wondrous decline from the thriving, heaving buzz of summer into the introspective, quiet calm of winter. It’s just the start of the decline, barely a shift from the peak, but I’m sure we can all agree we feel the heat, expansion and frenzy slowly declining into the cool, calm peace. For the Little Witch, this becomes a great time to regather my energies and fill my being with the last vestiges of summer. Whilst there are an entire plethora of strategies for accomplishing this, I present here one of my favourites; a personal power ritual. Why? Well, isn’t it obvious? Rituals that reinforce our own sources of power are awesome!

Firstly, lets talk about personal power. Personal power or energy, is the vital force that moves one passionately and energetically through tasks, processes and actions, as if by (wink, wink) magic. It’s the ‘extra lil oomph’ that makes us alive, and sentient. Think of it as chi, ki, or prana or whatever you like to call it. The awesome thing about personal energy is that it is directed by will, and just by using the power of thought you can channel your personal power to do just about anything, even gain more energy in your reserves.

If you think about it, all energy is connected, and it would then make sense that your own source of energy and power is already connected to the great source. This great source could be anything that you think to be an un-ending font of energy, be it a deity, or the sun, or the earth, or whatever holds significance to you. For me, the sun, as part of my cosmology, is one such source, and one which holds direct sway over summer.

Summer is a period, that I think we can all agree, displays characteristics that could only be explained as expansive, lively and va-va-voom, go-go-go. It’s the pleasure and excitement of happy days and joviality. This is the type of energy I like to foster in myself, to drive off dreary, limp, melancholic days, such as we most often find in winter, and even for if I just need that little boost.

And now folks, I present the Little Witch’s personal power ritual:

Things You’ll Need:

A small candle of a colour that you feel connection with, or with one that symbolises energy and power, or the sun and summer. Orange, yellow and gold are some examples

Small square of paper, once again in an appropriate colour to the theme

A pen or marker, also the colour of the theme

A small treat to eat or drink, such as organic raw chocolate or an orange. A small food item that conjures the same feelings of energy, excitement and radiance. Ideally this should be healthy and nourishing, though the Little Witch does sometimes use organic, direct-trade espresso, that is lovingly made, in a pinch.

The Ritual:

  1. Take everything outside on a sunny, summers day, or as sunny as you can, and sit and let the energy of the sun and summer infuse the items. Imagine them filling with sparkly, giggly, wonderfully bright, golden, warming light, and when you feel that have soaked up all they can, imagine that light and feeling being tied or locked in, and unable to drift away.

If you can sit and do the next steps outside uninterrupted then aces!, but if you cant, take everything inside to where you can be comfortable and undisturbed.

  1. Using the charged pen, draw onto the paper a symbol to represent yourself, full of vitality, solar energy and summery power. For me, I draw my personal symbol (which can be anything that makes you think of yourself. I’ve even seen people use their signature before.) with lines, stars and zig-zags coming out of it light the rays of the sun. Whilst drawing this, imagine all that solar energy in the pen flowing into and charging the symbol with the same glorious, radiant power.

When done, fold the paper in half, folding towards yourself, so as to make sure the energy comes to you, and then place the folded paper under the candle.

  1. Light the candle, and as you do so, image a tiny sun sparking into life where the flame begins to take hold. Visualise this sun connected to the actual sun and all the other stars in the night sky, full of glowing, warming, hot vitality and expansion.
  1. Connect to this little candle sun, and feel all the energy and power you have been working with swell and grow. Ask of the universe and the sun and the summer to fill your energy stores with joyful, perfect, solar energy and warmth, and then visualise the tiny sun flowing into your being, infusing your every cell with radiance, warmth and excitement.
  1. When you feel that every inch of yourself is overflowing with this positivity, thank the energies, and let the visualisation fall away, coming back into the room. If you can, leave the candle to burn as a thankyou to the solar and summery powers, if you cant, thank them again and snuff of the candle.
  1. Finally, seal the spell and reward yourself, by eating the solar infused treat. Really relish in the taste and comfort it brings, and imagine all that energy and power inside it, blossoming into yourself, infusing every cell and membrane with radiance.

Whenever you are feeling low and need a boost, remember the energy that you cultivated in yourself through this ritual with connection to the sun, and treat yourself again, relishing in the warmth, joy and excitement the pampering and visualisation brings.