Self-Love Aura Pomander

City Living HedgeWitchery with the Little Witch

Holey smokes folks! It’s magnificently 2016, and what an amazing time we’re all experiencing now (and if your not, then this edition of City Living HedgeWitchery maybe just what you need).

According to Chinese astrology, we’ve boomed into a fire monkey year, full of explosive and shimmery fun. It’s a time to show off all our light and passion and joy, especially after all the work we have done in the prior two wood years, when we’ve been cultivating self, inner progress and development. So with all this wood ready to go, it’s finally the time to light the fire and dance the night away.

With all this fun though, it becomes apparent, that burn out and over extending oneself is definitely on the table. What better way to watch out for too much fire, especially monkey fire that is all about mischievousness and play, than to keep self love a focussed intent.

Often when we’re out having fun and partying like it’s Woodstock (gosh I would have had such a blast being there), we can tend to overextend ourselves and get sucked down the rabbit hole. Making something or setting a reminder of your intention to stay true to your own self is a great way to make sure you can have fun, but maintain boundaries you’ve set and are comfortable with, in a joyous way.

Thus I introduce to you all, Self Love Power Aura’s!!!

*queue; lightshow, confetti cannons, and church choir*

Basically, it’s a pomander, perfume, aura spray (whatever you want to call it), that is made, with a strong intention to hold your own self love and power at the fore front of each action you engage in. The steps are as follows:


Self Love Power Aura

  • 1 small bottle with a spray/spritzer nozzle (recycled perfume bottles work a treat)
  • The purest water you can get (spring water, filtered tap water, get up and collect some dew if you feel so inclined. When I make mine, I use a floral hydrosol, like rose or lavender water)
  • Some vodka (really any high strength, clear alcohol, will work. Sometimes I even use gin)
  • 7 drops of Rose Essential Oil (Rose can be expensive, so sometimes, I use rose geranium or diluted rose)
  • 7 drops of a Power Essential Oil (This can be any other essential oil that symbolises your own power and that you find pleasing. I switch between lavender and bergamot depending on how I’m feeling)
  • 7 drops of Self Love Essential Oil (This can be any other essential oil that symbolises your own love to your self. Think of scents that remind you of being gentle, present and seductive to your self. I usually go for ylang-ylang)
  • Optional: A small crystal or crystal chip (This can be used, if you really wanna amp up the magick. Crystals that evoke feelings of empowerment and self love, such as rose quartz, or ruby aura quartz, or even gold old regular clear quartz work wonderfully.  I tend not to use crystals myself, but sometimes they have a habit of making their own way into the potion)
  1. Take the bottle, and half fill it with the vodka. Then close your eyes, breathing slowly and deeply, visualise yourself as you are. Maybe take the time to do a little body scan and settle into your body, breathing out any tension, and sending those areas a little love.
  2. When you have found yourself in a comfortable inner place, visualise yourself glowing with sparkly, golden, silver light. Really feel yourself radiating this perfect light from your own heart centre. Sit in this space for a while, simply enjoying the bliss.
  3. Next, open the bottle of rose essential oil (or whatever you’ve decided to use as the holding essential oil), and take a deep breaths relishing in the exquisite nature of the scent. Notice how it makes you feel, where the scent goes in your body, even if it becomes a particular colour or sound. Take a mental note of it all, as you really attune to that glorious scent.
  4. When you feel like you have a good grasp of the scent, then add seven drops to the bottle half filled with vodka. Now visualise your self, all glowy and sparkly, being bathed in a gentle shower of rose pink light, emanating from your heart light. The rose pink opens, like a delicate flower, to encompass your whole being. As it does you fall even deeper into relaxation and contentment.
  5. Next open the bottle of power essential oil, and perform the same steps as above to connect with the scent. When you are attuned to it, add it to the bottle, and visualise the coloured light that you think corresponds to the scent, emanating from the light at the centre of your chest, opening out and surrounding you. As this happens, you feel your own power growing and strengthening, grounded with the feelings of gentleness and contentment already established. Right now you should be feeling super wonderful!
  6. Next repeat the method with the self love scent, attuning and adding to the bottle, and then settle in, and trust yourself and your experience, as you let your inner self guide you through the feelings and colours to experience. Self love is such a unique experience for each of us, and sometimes a little nerve racking, but trust your own inner self, and the power of the plants your working with in the essential oils, and they will look after you.
  7. Finally, fill the bottle up with the water, seal it with the spritzer top, and begin to gently shake, blending all the liquids together. As you do this visualise your layers of colour blending together and melding with your own self. Imagine your body drinking up all that light and colour, letting it gently and powerfully become a part of your every being.
  8. Finally spritz yourself with the potion, and cement the visualisation in the now with a mantra or affirmation that feels right to you. An example, and my favourite is: “I am divinely love” or the Sanskrit “Ahem Prema”
  9. It’s that easy! Why not give it a try, and let us know how you got on with the project, or even what your experiences and recipes are like!

With Love,

The Little Witch from Wildthorne and Bone