Spring Clean: detoxing bath salts

This month Kris is on some adventures so I’m (Natasha) taking the helm.

Cleansing both physically and spiritually is so important to me as a therapist and empath. I, like many of you, walk around getting constantly influenced by spaces and people. The atmosphere of a place can be difficult for me to overcome sometimes. This is extremely useful for helping patients but can also be quite a burden. If I’m not careful to protect myself psychically I can find myself quite drained by the end of a day at work. Even if you’re not a therapist you’ll know what I mean if you have to do a commute on public transport each morning surrounded by strangers all grumpy about the day ahead of them. I’ve come to use a few things to help me re-set after a long days work. 

The first thing I like to have handy is a space-clearing spray made of essential oils and flower remedies which help ‘clear the air’ between patients. It’s nice to have one of these in the house for after an argument or at work for those negative exchanges with the boss. Spring is a good time to have a good spritz of the house just as a matter of course. Energy can get stagnant in the house and it’s good practice to keep things moving so you don’t get stuck. We’ve got a recipe to make a spritzer from last year here. 

The second thing I do is take a bath. But not just any bath. I add epsom and himalayan salt to rejuvenate and cleanse myself. To this I add some grapefruit and juniper essential oils. I mix them all together and lie in the bath for at least 20mins. That’s the recommended time if you want to maximise your absorption of the trace elements from the salts. 

Epsom salt isn’t actually a salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium is great for muscle tension, aches and cramps and nearly all of us are deficient in it. Himalayan salts on the other hand is a salt mined from Punjab. Salt was seen as the fifth element by Alchemists it was so important. Water and salt are two important elements which have always been associated with healing and cleansing. Just think of baptisms in the bible and sacred wells. 

Water is the perfect thing to wash away bad vibes or a sh*t day. When you add in grapefruit and juniper this bath really packs a punch. The Grapefruit essential oil is a detoxifier which energises the body too. It helps people who tend to feel anger, blame and are self-critical. Often these feelings lead to over-eating for comfort. Grapefruit helps clear the heat and congestion this causes bringing cleansing, clarifying and a refreshing feel. Juniper helps cleanse any negative ‘vibes’ from being in crowded places such as public transport. It’s also helpful to wash away any negative things which have been wished upon you from arguments and disagreements. 

I like to make sure I have a proper cleansing bath once a week but I can easily see how you may need one more often. 

You’ll need:

  1. Mix together the salts in equal parts. 1 cup of each. 
  2. Add 5 drops grapefruit and 5 drops juniper essential oil
  3. Hold the blend in your palms and invite spirit in to bless the salts
  4. Run yourself a hot bath and add the salts
  5. Sit in your bath for 20mins to be sure to absorb the benefits of the salts
  6. While in the bath stay mindful of your breathe and bring yourself into the present moment
  7. When you’re done, let the water out and visualise all the crap from the day sinking down the plug hole

By Natasha Richardson

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