Is sugar messing with your hormones?

Most will think that balancing blood sugar is just something diabetics do. Few realise that it's crucial for regulating female hormones as well. 

When our blood sugar dramatically rises and drops throughout the day we release insulin to try and compensate. But if we do this for a long time gradually we build up a tolerance to the insulin and this throws other hormones like oestrogen out of whack. This happens in polycystic ovarian syndrome. The body produces too much androgen and a woman experiences male pattern hair growth (hirsutism),  irregular periods and infertility. They often struggle to maintain a healthy weight too.  

Here are some tips for balancing your blood sugar to take the edge off a hormonal balance or prevent one from occurring. If you suspect you have a hormonal imbalance it's best you see your GP first though. 

  • Cinnamon is a food you can incorporate into your daily smoothie or porridge and it helps balance blood sugars.

  • Chromium is a great supplement to take to balance blood sugar and there is now a new supplement by viridian which combines chromium and cinnamon especially for the purpose of coming off sugar.

  • The "I quit sugar" diet is a fantastic 8 week guide to quitting sugar in all its forms and stopping your addiction to the white stuff.

  • Get an individualised prescription from a Herbalist and they will be able to add herbs which help to balance blood sugar along with others to support whatever other symptoms you might be experiencing.

  • Minimise stress. When we are stressed we tend to eat foods rich in easily accessed energy. That usually means refined carbohydrates and sweets. If you can plan your meals when you're feeling relaxed and never go food shopping on an empty stomach that's half the battle. Make sure that when you're stressed you have something healthy to hand like nuts rather than chocolate bars.