There are many trains of thought on the subject of detox. Western beliefs are that cleansing involves juicing, salads, lots of water and fasting. These can be helpful during warmer months and for those with a warm or hot constitution but should be used sparingly in colder months and with those who often feel cold. Juicing should also be largely vegetable based to avoid high fructose intake from fruit juices as these can cause just as much damage to our livers as alcohol due to the removal of fibres that balance the absorption of sugar levels. Fasting can be beneficial for those feeling sluggish and bloated although this should only last for one day with plenty of water and herbal teas. For those that have high energy levels and metabolisms, you should avoid fasting but could replace lunch or dinner with warm herbal teas or make each of your meals slightly smaller and generally cut out sugar, wheat, gluten and dairy. Based on ayrevedic discipline it is highly beneficial to boost the digestive heat by adding warming spices to food and warming all foods before eating even by lightly steaming veg, drinking warm drinks including water at room temperature if not boiled. They also suggest oil pulling and tongue scraping as part of your morning routine before doing anything else.



While detoxing we are essentially shaking out a dusty carpet causing toxins to float around the body. If these are not caught and disabled they can go on to cause damage in other areas. You can prevent this by adding high doses of all the different anti oxidants found in deeply coloured fruits and vegetables into your diet and by using anti oxidant supplement such as a complex and vitamin c.

Anti oxidants neutralise free radical cells. Free radicals are created by many things including pollutants and chemicals is the air, smoking, alcohol and pretty much every body function such digesting food, turning that food into energy and then taking that energy to move our bodies. So as you might realise by now that detoxing is not only essential but should be done regularly and daily steps should be taken as to not put unnecessary stress on your system, such as cutting out or down on sugar, gluten, cows milk highly processed and deep fried foods. These cause inflammation and slow our bodies down while they try to fix the damage done or digest the heaviness of the foods.

Some super foods that will help in the detoxing process are:

Baobab has a very high vitamin C and other  potent antioxidants content which makes it great at free radical busting and it can be stirred into any juices high in fruit as it will balance fructose absorption as well and nutrient absorption.

Chlorella is the number one algae for liver detoxification, removing alcohol, heavy metals and enviromental pollutants. Start off slowly with this one to allow your body to adapt with half a teaspoon gradually taking up to 2 small teaspoons a day during detox process and maintainace dose of 1 small teaspoon daily.

Cacao is one you wouldn’t have expected but it contains the highest antioxidant levels of any food. It has by wieght, more antioxidants than blueberry, red wine, acai, pomegranatte and goji combined. Containing a synergy of polyphenold, cattechins and epicatechins which protect our DNA from free radical damage.

By Amber Petersen from