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Missed periods: Herbs and Home remedies

Missed periods: Herbs and Home remedies

Whoever knew the mentioning of a pineapple could cause so much controversy at Christmas. My husband and I were visiting a grand old house in Wales, on our way to a Christmas getaway. In the house was a dining room, set out as it would have been in the Victorian era. It was cold and blustery outside. Upon this table were the usual luxuries for the era, golden candelabras with nature inspired motifs and golden pineapples.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of these decorations for our own Christmas?”, my husband remarked.

“Why would I want a symbol of white men raping and pillaging foreign lands on my table at Christmas?!”, I replied.

It was a tad negative, I admit, and when my husband pointed out that if we were to impose a ban on all fruits from sunnier climates from Christmas we would be missing a large portion of our Christmas pudding... I soon backed down.