The magic of gathering with women.

There is a seductive grace about Anoushka. She carries a beautiful essence which, unbeknownst to her, is the secret ingredient to the events she curates. I've been to a lot of women's circles in the past but none are quite like hers.

Her town house flat in Little Venice, London is the perfect setting for her new Women's Circle where participants are invited to share whatever is on their mind in a place without judgement. The high ceiling allows the whisps and whorls of incense smoke to rise up without the all too familiar coughing fits often accompanied by indoor rituals. 

At first I felt very nervous about speaking honestly in front of a group of strangers but then as we all joined in it became evident that these aren't strangers at all. They're just friends I haven't met yet. 

The differences and similarities between the stories were wonderful as they all weaved a web that would bind us together long after the night was over. We are missing these communal spaces in the modern world. We rarely come together in community unless we are going to church or dropping the kids off at school. We are all so easily connected by technology yet, paradoxically, unbearably alone.  

This circle ⭕, which Anoushka calls The Goddess Space, changes all that. It offers space to the spiritually minded to connect with other women in a safe setting. We all need more of them, whether that's in the form of red tents, dark moon meetings or something else. I implore you to run your own if you feel so moved. This is not a luxury. It is a necessity.  

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If you want to join Anoushka on her next meeting check out her website here.