How to not be an anxious control freak

Adventure needs to be thrust upon us from time to time. Otherwise it is all too easy to become anxious and depressed at the monotony of life. We can become fearful of anything outside of that.

Going from point a to b in a straight line is all I do. To do anything else felt illogical and a waste of my precious energy. That is until one day.

The first day I woke at 5am to go to the gym I worried I wouldn't have the energy to make it through the day. But it gave me the spur of life. It filled me with passion and confidence enough to find an adventure. In the afternoon I gave a talk to a gardening group where I was recommended to visit the Wellcome Collection. On the way home, I did. I just got off the train and went and did it. I actually INTERRUPTED an otherwise peaceful ride home to make a detour. A #wellcomedetour. It was love at first visit. 

The Wellcome Collection is a collection (clue's in the name there) of objects a guy with the surname Wellcome curated  during his life and then left in his will in 1936. It includes all sorts of oddities such as a birthing chair, next to a dentists chair and a torture chair as well as paintings of anatomy, good luck charms for health and more. Alongside this collection they have other exhibits which change all the time. They are dedicated to looking at how medicine, life and art link with each other in the past, present and future. 

They also have a reading room, library, two cafes and a  shop. The library hosts an incredible collection of old medical texts including some old herbals. I have every intention to visit them to research herbs for my course Listen to Herbs. 

Aside from how brilliantly perfect this venue was for my own interests it filled me with optimism that I had been able to veer off my predicted path to go and see it. It made me realise how restricted I had come to feel about my inflexibility to life. I have come to realise that this is partly because I am so busy. Or rather, we are all so busy. We're so busy that we're doing our make-up on the train to work and rinsing just the top of our heads because we don't have time to shower! When I'm out with friends I am filled with dread if they say "let's stay for another", another one I hadn't scheduled in. "This fun is happening outside of the scheduled time I have for fun and it's going to throw all my other plans out of whack!" I'd think to myself. When did life get so busy? Why do we pride ourselves on having no free time? 

While I was at the Wellcome Collection I came upon a suitable book to cure me of this problem. It's called The Wander Society by Keri Smith. It's going to coach me on how to leave my house and wander in an "unplanned or aimless way with a complete openness to the unknown". Obviously I will be scheduling that into my diary but I'm hoping I can leave a whole day for my wandering and therefore have little to no concern about the knock on effects of my free-spirited wandering. When was your last wander?