A warm welcome to you. The theme under our spiritual spotlight for this month is going to be…love! We'll be focusing on the relationship that you have with yourself. It's important to mention here that some of the most authentic, satisfying connections and experiences are made possible from working on a healthy and wholesome inner wellbeing. The quality of this relationship is so vital as its repercussions emanate to all areas of our lives. It would be very natural to assume that this would be a key emphasis throughout our development from child to adulthood. Sadly however this is not something that is instilled, encouraged or mirrored back to us (in the UK at least). The emphasis is largely upon outward achievements. There doesn't seem to be any real emphasis behind the more subtle emotions, questions and feelings that can help us come to engage with life in ways that we choose to and prefer. There is instead the opposed attitude of 'getting on with it' as it were.

I’ll now describe a process that will hopefully highlight how profoundly impressionable we are and how we store information within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Emotions are created by a combination of experiences as well as isolated ones. These experiences emerge from actions. Actions  are fuelled with desires (in all sense of the idea). These desires often develop from thoughts, that are formed through our understanding. This understanding is  based on the feedback we receive in the form of communication(s) with the world around us.

From the moment of birth you have had these instinctual needs to survive. Therefore learning very quickly how to have these needs met through your relationship with mother. As you develop you begin to learn about yourself and the world through varied forms of communication. This pattern continues throughout your life. Building, reforming and storing information within your unique collective body.

If we are able to explore how these patterns this could potentially lead us to a more deep, wholesome and accepting nature towards ourselves and others. This includes the understanding that those closest to you, and everyone else for that matter, have their own personal unconscious patterns.

Take the time to inquire within yourself. Admit the emotions and motivations of your reactions and responses. It is from this point that you can begin a new relationship with yourself as one who chooses to delve deeply into self knowing. Taking a direction towards nurturing, healing, learning, transformation, adaptation, and forgiveness.

To Know thyself is to love thyself...and others with authenticity. 

If we can listen to ourselves, we can really listen to others. If we can be authentic with ourselves then we can be so with others. If we can accept ourselves in a loving compassionate way then this can be mirrored back to us from others.

Let the backbone of all your relationships be based upon a  wholesome one with yourself.