Will you protect

I never was one for marching in the streets, strapping myself to poles or collecting signatures. But for most of my teen years I was obsessed with the injustices in the world and climate change seemed to be the biggest injustice going. The way we live as humans and the resources we require for life have become a burden too heavy for the earth to bare. But it wasn't always like this. We used to live symbiotically with the planet, and some tribal communities still do. 

I believe that our ability to ignore climate change and the effects of our behaviour upon the earth comes back to a deep rift that has come to pass between us and mother nature. As we became more technologically advanced we said "hey we don't need no stinkin' nature with her issues, we can make our own resources!".  

Now we live by the click of a light switch, not the rise and dip of the sun. Our food comes in plastic trays ready to go in the oven. It doesn't look anything like a vegetable or how it grew. Our meats can be so highly processed we aren't sure if we are eating beef or horse. Mental exhaustion from nothing more than our day to day life becomes more and more common as we spend our "down time" glued to a television, or mobile phone screens. 

It's pretty hard when I look around my bathroom to see anything which reminds me of a walk in a forest or by the sea. But the truth is almost everything in here has a story of production to tell which will inevitably lead back to nature in some way or another. Whether it's the wood of a tree to make my husbands shaving soap holder or the glass of the windows made from sand, we need nature.  

When I teach or blog I want to bring nature in its raw state to the forefront of your mind. I want you to remember deep in your bones how incredibly incomprehensibly clever nature is.

Science has helped us peer into the intelligence of natural design  and what was once explained through superstition, religion and magic is now explained through it instead. But that doesn't make it any less magical. And for every new thing we discover we uncover 10 more things we didn't even know we didn't know yet! 

The fact of the matter is that it's probably too late for us. We are burning ourselves in a fantastic bonfire of our own making. But nature will go on. She, nature that is, will probably be better off without us. She is a never ending force that some call life, or God. But I hope that by demonstrating  the utility of plants and their incredible wisdom I can inspire one more person to protect the natural world we know, protect her with their every last breathe. 

How will you protect her?