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Hi, I'm Natasha

Founder of Forage Botanicals

I help women have better periods, naturally.

I don't think our wombs should feel like a curse or something that holds us back in life. By using natural remedies, lifestyle tips and awareness of your body it's possible to come to love your lady bits again.  

Love your Lady Bits

The information we are taught in schools and beyond is still wrapped up in the patriarchal world in which this "knowledge" was discovered. As a result, we label women with things like PMS and offer to change their hormones as a cure for their problems. When really it usually comes down to how we react to our environments, feed our bodies and love ourselves.

By diving deep into our understanding of female physiology I hope we will start to open up the freedoms men have to express and understands themselves as well. 

For the Love of Nature

I started Forage Botanicals to protect and propagate Herbal Medicine by bringing it's practice back to the people. 

I'm not much of an activist. I never felt like I could take to the streets in protest but I feel very strongly about the natural world. 

I hope that by teaching people about the incredible uses that plants have it will foster a renewed love and passion for the natural world and an instinct to protect it again.


To learn more about this check out the blog and the PMS self-care course I offer. To be sure you don't miss a blog again sign up for weekly newsletters.