The course is delivered through a members-only website. You can access all the course material at once but I'd recommend taking each section one week at a time. Each week includes a webinar, printable slides and a worksheet. The course is made of the following sections as well as a variety of amazing bonus material so you never feel out of control again! The course is only available to those in Europe at present.



  • Week 1: What's normal? This week you'll learn how to differentiate between normal changes in hormones, PMS and hormonal health conditions. I'll show you how the hormones work to create physical signs and symptoms which can be tracked. This is the week to start taking the Goddess drops in your PMS self-care kit. You'll receive a webinar, and a pdf guide to the herbs used in your Goddess drops and why. 
  • Week 2: Learning to chart your hormones. At school we're taught all about the period but what about the other three quarters of the month? This week you'll learn how to chart your hormones so that you can start to predict and prepare for PMS, ovulation and your period. Never get caught off-guard again.
  • Week 3: Going with the flow. Learn how to use your chart to change how you live your life to be in flow with your hormones rather than struggling against their effects. In each part of the menstrual cycle we'll look at the natural strengths you didn't know you had. A truly life-changing way to get in touch with your body.
  • Week 4: The importance of self-care. This week you'll learn how self-care can help with the natural ebb and flow of your hormones. You'll be shown how to use your kit to create your own waning moon bath ritual. 


  • A free guide to treating Thrush naturally by Kathie Bishop. Kathie is a herbalist who specialises in thrush. She has been treating it for years and I interviewed her for my podcast in 2016. You can listen to it here. 
  • Herbal Insight Printables explaining why each key ingredient is included in your PMS care kit. 


  • PMS Cheat Sheets. These guides will give you some simple foods, lifestyle changes and herbs you can use to support yourself during your cycle. They also include a break down of how to use each herb. These beautiful guides are illustrated and examples will be posted below soon.
    • The guides cover;
      • Swelling and Weight gain
      • Joint and Muscle pain
      • Period pain
      • Fatigue and Poor Sleep
      • Hormonal Acne
      • Thrush