Every month I feel frustrated, angry and tearful. Sometimes I get anxious and paranoid, even depressed. You'd think after all these years of having periods Id be prepared by now. Nope! Last month, I picked a fight with my partner then cried like a baby because I'd hurt his feelings. Every little thing seems to set me off. Once I cried just because I saw a sweet elderly lady in the street! You'd think I'd know the signs by now. A week before I'm due on I turn into a human dustbin, hoovering up all the crap food in sight. But I still don't realise. I wish I was more in touch with my body. I just want to feel like myself again.




Imagine what it would be like, to always know, instinctively, where you are in your cycle.

To live your life in harmony with the natural flow of your hormones, able to make the most of the highs and support yourself through the lows.

Imagine knowing what you body is REALLY craving under all the crap and being able to give yourself exactly what YOU need.

Imagine feeling peaceful, fulfilled, empowered and happy, knowing that your body reflects the rhythms of the moon. Knowing that you're part of something bigger.