The Six Tastes



Sweet (earth and water); found in carbohydrates, fats and proteins, tonic, demulcent, soft, soothing, cooling. It is the taste of love, compassion and sharing. 

Sour (earth and fire);  found in acids, digestive stimulant, clears dryness, increase bile, carminative. It is the taste of jealousy and selfishness. 

Salty (water and fire);  found in minerals, stimulates appetite, moistening, nourishing to the nervous system. It is the taste of being grounded and stable. 

Pungent (fire and air); found in aromatic volatile oils, invigorates blood flow, encourages diaphoresis, stimulates metabolism, lung problems such as asthma and coughs. It is the taste of hot emotions like anger and intense grief. 

Bitter  (ether and air); found in sesquiterpenes, anthraquinones, alkaloids and some glycosides, tonic, increases digestive secretions, alterative, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antipyretic, promotes peristalsis and urination, reduces itching, swelling and oozing on the skin. It might make you feel spacey. 

Astringent (earth and air); found in tannins,  repairs wounds and neutralising bacteria, reduces leakage of bodily fluids (sweating, bleeding, diarrhoea etc.), and helps absorption. It might dry out your lust for life.