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My name is Natasha and I'm the founder of Forage Botanicals. I help women have better periods through seasonal self-care rituals. I am a medical herbalist and I can have terrible period pains. While I was training as a herbalist I taught myself how to chart my periods and experimented with my diet and home remedies. But I found that the most significant contributor to my period pain was stress.

Natural products

I created a range of natural products to help you incorporate relaxation into your monthly routine in an easy, manageable way using self-care rituals. Either buy my Blossom Self-care Kit or make your own self-care ritual using artisanal products from my online store.

Online course

If you're ready to take things deeper I have an online course which teaches you all the things I had to teach myself. How to live in tune with your cycle, remedies for common period problems like period pain, menstrual migraines and PMS plus how to use self-care to prevent them.

Work with me one to one

For those of you with a hormonal condition I'd recommend we have a chat to decide what's the best next step for you. You can also look at the guides I have on Endometriosis, Fibroids, Adenomyosis and PCOS to get an insight into what natural options you have.