New Patient

Please enter your patients contact details below to trigger their first email. 


They will receive 3 emails in total. 


The first is sent immediately and debriefs them after their initial consultation and preps them with diet diary instructions for the second week. 


The second email is sent 7 days after that, it'll ask them to keep a diary of how they spend their time for 3 days in the coming week. But if they don't do this you can do it on the spot with them covering an average day instead. It also includes a link to a blog I wrote about how stress effects health.


The third email is sent 7 days after the last one, it asks them to keep in touch between appointments if they have questions and lets them know there is nothing to prepare for their 4th appointment.


They are each signed off as Forage Botanicals and any reply to them will be sent to my email address so I will forward them along if I get them. In the future I'll add a signature telling them to reply directly to you.