I know that hormone balance isn't achieved in one appointment. That's why my plans last 4 weeks. It's designed to take all the confusion out of finding natural answers to your health problems. If you're unsure this is for you, be sure to apply for a free planning session first. 

What to Expect

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  • Feeling confused, overwhelmed and hopeless. You’re probably feeling like this right now. You may have had tests and found yourself only more confused. If you feel like there is no better options available for you this is where Herbal Medicine comes in.
  • No more medical jargon. You’ll never leave an appointment feeling confused as I always take the time to explain everything without confusing jargon. If you find you have forgotten something said in the appointment you can always contact me by email afterwards.
  • NHS short comings. In the UK, although the health care we receive is largely free, it is also stretched to the limits. This means appointments are extremely short and it’ll often take a very long time to get the treatment you need. 
  • Feeling heard. When you invest in a wellbeing plan you get 5 and a half hours of one-to-one time over 14 weeks. You’re also able to send me questions by email in-between appointments. If you need any further investigations you’ll be sent for further tests.
  • No magic pills. If you’re looking for a magic pill that makes all your problems go away, Herbal Medicine is not for you. The truth of the matter is that if you really want life-changing solutions to your problems you’re going to have to put some work in.
  • Empowering you. The Wellbeing Plan will give you personalised manageable steps to take to improve your vitality. Two thirds of achieving results that really last is up to you with your diet and lifestyle. But I’m here to help you on the right path.
  • Bespoke hand-made medicine. We are not all born the same and as such a medicine that works for one person may not work for another with the same problem. And not everyone with the same problem has the same cause for that problem. That’s why each person having Herbal Medicine is given a bespoke remedy made specifically for their requirements. This increases the effectiveness of the medicine and allows me to fulfil different goals for each of my patients.
  • Holistic goal oriented approach. The Wellbeing Plans look at all of the things affecting your health not just one aspect. I always take diet, lifestyle and emotional contributors into account when identifying what needs to be changed to bring about true healing. We use the first consultation to identify what your aims are and discuss what is achievable in the 14 week period and focus on this. So you’ll always feel like we’re dealing with what you want first and foremost.
  • Herbal Medicine won’t work if:
    • You’re looking for a magic pill
    • You’re not ready to make any changes to your diet or lifestyle
    • You actively believe it won’t work
    • You don’t really want to get better


Wellness plans include the cost of your treatment and herbal remedies. You’ll only pay extra if you cancel without giving 24hrs notice or you have to extend the 14-week period for some reason. Secure your booking with a £50 non-refundable deposit.


You will recieve:

  • Lifestyle and diet guide and worksheet
  • Symptom record worksheet
  • 5.5 hours one to one time with your practitioner
  • 3.5 months of herbal medicine
  • a personalised diet plan
  • a personalised lifestyle plan

Gain insight and understanding into the path that's lead you to this point by looking at how your diet and life events have shaped your wellbeing. Natasha will give you individualised advice and step by step instructions on how to fit it into your life. Using diet and lifestyle plans you will receive support every step of the way. By looking into the past you can learn the tools you'll need to prevent this hormone imbalance from recurring. 


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