Into the Wild


I adore the fantasy of living off the land and being totally self-sustainable. The film Into the Wild sums up that fantasy beautifully. (If you haven’t seen it, go watch it!) I intermingled that fantasy with The Good Life TV show and Charmed. A witch, living in the woods, in a round house, with a goat, and her wits. Over the years I’ve moved away from this fantasy a bit, or rather added some luxurious trimmings; like a Jacuzzi and under-floor heating, but the basic premise is still there.

I live right on the out-skirts of London so I can travel an hour into it’s centre or an hour out and be in the countryside. This means I can interact with the wild but still live with some mod-cons.

Getting stuck in foraging is at the heart of what I do. Interacting with the plants from seed to tea pot is essential to my understanding of the medicine. I bond with the herbs I use and they become a part of me and vice versa. True Alchemy.

I hope I can lead you into the wild too, wherever you live.