After being asked to review @foragebotanicals PMS Self Care course last month I have been eagerly waiting to complete my cycle so I could finally test out all these beautiful products that come with it. The course has made me feel empowered and connected to my natural rhythm and its equipped me with all the tools I need to live in total alignment with my cycle. Thank you @foragebotanicals for so bravely committing to this work ~ this is crucial knowledge that every woman should know ~ we should all know how to track our cycles ~ how to harmonise with our cycle ~ and how to be off the pill ~ most importantly we should be educated on this in schools ~ If schools won't pick this up then it is our duty to do the research, to learn so we can teach our daughters and they can teach theirs. This is our responsibility. I couldn't recommend this course more - Anoushka creator of the goddess Space

"I spent my early 20’s experiencing my periods as a nuisance, downing feminax and carrying on, but when we start taking notice of our physical and emotional symptoms through our cycles it can lead to amazing wisdom, and self discovery. It's so important to listen to our bodies when they tell us to slow down and rest.

Back then, most women in my circles lived in a constant state of casually hating their bodies and periods, and it set me off on a bit of a journey. From embracing the way my body looks naturally and dropping the self hatred, to choosing whole healthy food that nourishes my body, rather than trying to make it skinny, and more recently to learning about my hormone cycles and how *amazing* they are!

I know for some that this might all sound a bit strange- it certainly did for me when I first read about it, but if you take anything from this post, I hope you know that your cycles are POWERFUL. And they deserve to be honoured. And if you can spend a little time nourishing yourself during the PMS bit, you would feel so much better for it." - Hannah Bullivant creator of Seeds and Stitches

"Starting to learn that there are times in the month where I need to understand my body and allow myself to not be so rigid with my timetable and plans. Friday was a learning curve, I spent hours taring at my laptop, my mind blank and exhausted and my body in pain. In the end, after wasting nearly the whole day trying to achieve something and actually not getting anything done, I surrendered to my body and watched @ForageBotanicals PMS course video and then Harry Potter. I made up for it on Sunday and did my work efficiently and with ease, and actually enjoyed it!! Funnily enough, the PMS self-care course began helping me understand my cycle and helped me feel less guilty about struggling so much to get stuff done." - Jess creator of @Thisendolife

"This course has been excellent. I loved the emphasis on my PMS being natural and normal. I had no idea that I could keep track of my hormones myself. I used one of the cheat sheets for my acne and so far it's been improving. Long may it last! Now I know how to use my PMS time productively. Just having the information ready feels like it'll change my life. I especially liked learning about the psychosocial elements to my hormone cycle. I won't ignore or brush off my PMS like I used to again."

- Rity Sainsbury


"The course has totally changed the way I think about my PMS. What a revolution! Now I see it as a strength. When I'm approaching my PMS I know what I need to do to plan my time and make it as smooth as possible. I'm finally starting to embrace being a woman rather than seeing it as a hindrance! Thank you."

- Margaret Stewart