Natasha has helped me to approach my menstrual problems in a holistic way. Her style of treatments is very unique - she gave me plenty of information regarding my cycle, the influence of diet and everyday stress on it, as well as prepared custom made herbal tinctures, according to my personal ailments. With slight amendments to my lifestyle and diet, as well as the help of herbs, I could notice improvements in my cycle regularity, skin appearance and mood swings. I have learned to embrace the traits of each part of my cycle and to make peace with myself and my body throughout the month. I cannot recommend Natasha highly enough as a herbalist and women's health specialist!

Anonymous 5

I found the whole experience to be very helpful. Natasha was kind, patient and a very good listener. She obviously understood and had a lot of experience of treating my condition, which was related to stress, a thyroid condition and hormonal imbalance. She created a really detailed picture of the problems before diagnosing and building a response. Once she had created my tincture and I began taking it, I started to feel better. She predicted it would take 3 and a half months to resolve the issue and she was right. Although I still cope with some symptoms, she provided me with a range of strategies to deal with these. 

Anonymous 2

When I came to Natasha, I was in a terrible state. She made me feel at ease, listened to me. After I had submitted my medical history to Natasha, she developed a tonic for me to help manage my symptoms. With a bit of tweaking along the way she got the tonic just right. My symptoms improved dramatically and I was back to normal, I can't thank her enough.


My GP simply prescribed me antibioitics for my recurring cystitis for years. When they failed to work and had caused me an irritable bowel, I went to see Natasha who explained exactly what was happening in my body. She prescribed a tea for acute flare ups and a preventive tea. Thanks to the tea, I have not had cystitis for a year now plus I eventually fell pregnant which I attribute to the anti-inflammatory properties of the tea!


Natasha prescribed me herbs to help alleviate the symptoms of perimenopause. She has a very insightful view of the menopause process, in particular of its spiritual as well as physical aspect. The herbs were effective really quickly, and she also send me links to read about the symptoms. I appreciated that she told me that I could stop taking the herbs to see if their resetting effect was sufficient-this was very honest of her when she could easily have insisted that I keep taking them. Last but not least, Natasha is a friendly and approachable and easy to talk to. I have recommended her to several of my friends.


I consider myself fortunate to know Natasha as her expertise, knowledge and passion for wellbeing and health expands beyond the treatment /consultation. I would recommend Natasha to anyone who is looking to treat any ailments or to enhance health. Her positive energy and professional manner in the way she treats me, is unique and very reassuring.