Welcome to the Welcome Pack. All the digital information you'll need to build the foundation for your brand-new-healthy life! The next 4 weeks will be quite the ride. We are going to spend a lot of time learning new skills and it might seem a bit overwhelming but just be sure to let me know if you feel like that. This is about you, at the end of the day, so we'll always go at a pace that suits your wellbeing best.

If you haven’t already here are the terms of us working together.


Week One

We look at your health history in depth this week. By the time you get to this download page you should have already done that part. You should have filled out your history form already. It came via a link in your original appointment confirmation email. We probably mentioned some symptoms for you to record. Here's the form I spoke about.

Symptom Record.pdf

Week Two

Please keep a detailed record of your diet for our consultation next week. It'll help us analyse areas in which we can improve things to help you heal. We need to know what you eat and drink for three days. Please specify brands as much as possible. Rough quantities can also be very useful. It can be very hard not to change eating habits simply because you're recording them but try not to as it won't help us specify advice in the long-term.

This .pdf is a guide to the ideal healthy diet. We've all been lead to believe we need some kind of special diet to get what we want to achieve. But the reality is that a healthy diet can cure most maladies; from obesity to arthritis. Have a little read before you come so you can ask targeted questions when I see you.

Ideal Healthy Diet.pdf

Week Three

This worksheet will help you keep a record of how you spend your time over 3 days.

Lifestyle activity record.pdf

It can be handy to read the following pdf about lifestyle advice but we'll go through most of it during the appointment.

Lifestyle Advice.pdf