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My name is Natasha and I'm the founder of Forage Botanicals. I help women, hating their wombs, have a peaceful period through slow-and-simple living, with some herbs mixed in for good measure.

I am a medical herbalist and I can have terrible period pains. When I went to the doctor they had nothing to offer me. But, through my training as a herbalist and many years of experimentation I've learnt there is A LOT that can be done naturally.

Now I teach people like you how you can use your diet, relaxation rituals, natural cosmetics and herbal remedies to improve your period problems. I also work one to one with women who have hormonal conditions

What we do

Everything you need for a better period under one roof.

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Peaceful Period Course

This 4-week long course is accompanied by a self-care kit of our own natural products. It teaches you how to go with the flow of your menstrual cycle, how to use herbs, diet and home remedies to abate common period problems like; period pain, bloating, fatigue and migraines. 


Natural Products

Natural Products

All the products in the shop are made by British artisans and are completely natural. I wanted to show you all the amazing things that have helped relieve my period-woes and let me find a way to go with the flow instead.


Treatment Plans


Treatment plans

Having period problems can really suck. Even if you've been told you've got something like Endometriosis, PCOS or Fibroids with the help of stress management, a natural diet and medicinal herbs you can support yourself. I will give you the tools you need to live free from fear of your periods. 


I run Wild Medicine Walks, Folk Medicine Making days and other workshops upon request. 


Free Guides

Guides to Hormone Conditions

Getting diagnosed with a hormonal problem is tough. There aren't many options for women from the doctors which don't potentially hinder your fertility in the long term. Even if you're past worrying about fertility the options you're given might feel too invasive for your liking. I'll be releasing guides about your natural options for a variety of illnesses over the coming months. 

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