A Herbal Referemedy

Last month was the memorial of the battle of the Somme. It was a very moving service and one quote really stood out to me. It was from a reading of the diary of a commander who was responsible for a battalion of men. He was recalling his experience of utter terror sitting in the trenches waiting for their call to head over and into no-mans land. He said that when it came his time he found himself racing towards his destiny and reflected that “You sort of lose your sense of fear, thinking about other people”. How incredible, that in the face of all that fear, he overcame this with the welfare of his comrades and country at heart. 

I couldn’t help but reflect on this with the back drop of the EU referendum in my mind.

Of course, there are many reasons to vote out but as I was viewing the memorial of the Somme I couldn’t help place it upon the political backdrop of the EU referendum and the arguments surrounding IN/OUT. The argument which was at the forefront of my mind was that the european union was a response to world war two, and a wish to prevent it happening again, by creating economical cohesion and a strength of bonds between countries. Looking at this facet of the political environment it’s hard not to feel saddened by the winning OUT vote. But it is just one face to the many sides of the politics surrounding the EU referendum.

If you believe that where thought goes, matter follows, we must be careful not to believe the lack of the UK within the EU means that the national identity of being european is lost. We can’t let our brothers and sisters on the continent think that’s what we ever wanted. And to those that want to re-align themselves with British identity, go for it, I love British identity. But I don’t see being European and British as exclusive from one another. 

Fear separates us. Love brings us together. I hope we can lose our fears of immigration while thinking of the welfare of others. 

If you’re feeling despondent, confused, stressed, or tired at the thought of what’s to come I’ve made a tea just for you. It’s a Referemedy. Enjoy.