I have found the pace of January a little crazy. Yesterday I found the antidote... making a den. The sort of thing you make when you're a kid but for an adult and obviously more sofisticated, with tea and books instead of toys. It's interesting what you fill a space with when you set it up with a specific intention in mind. 


I found that I naturally filled it with my remedies for the day. Let's start with the tea. It contained:

  • Passionflower - To remind me to dream.
  • Rose - To remind me that taking care of myself enables me to help others.
  • Hawthorn - To remind me to exercise my heart and stay open to opportunities and relationships. 
  • Liquorice - To keep me flexible to what life requires of me. 

You've heard me say it before but time to yourself to rest and relax is as important as being active. One can't exist without the other. Making this special space for myself might have eaten into my day but it was so rewarding. I've kept it in place today as well. It feels like a creative space I can go to work. The sort of spaces I used to create for myself when I was a child. The funny thing is that when I was a kid I didn't know what to do with the space once I'd made it. So I'd probably just sit in it a while before deconstructing it. I wonder what that has to say about me? 


I also had my daily dose of supplements. I take evening primrose oil because I've found that it helps reduce my period pain. It won't work for everyone as some women need more GLA than DHA. The opposite is true for me and I don't know how you'd find out which is best without trying one for a month. I love fish oils, not sure why, I just find them very pleasing to take. I took fish oils for months and months with very little difference to my pain levels. Then I swap to Evening Primrose for a month and hey-presto, markedly better. Naturally I stopped taking them after that because, well, when it's working you forget to take it! Sure enough, the pain came back. Now I've learnt my lesson hopefully I won't forget again. I've put a lovely image and link to Amazon so it's easy to find if you want to look into it more. I also get a teeny tiny percentage when you use it, which is a nice way you can support me without actually having to spend any money you weren't already going to! 


I also take a shot of the Salus multi-vitamin every day. I always seek out supplements that are food based or as close to their natural state as possible rather than chemically created vitamins. I notice more benefit from them when I do. Whereas, I've actually never seen any improvement to any symptoms I've ever had from normal supplements. Maybe I'm just odd but it makes sense to me that my body naturally knows what to do with a food-state substance and, perhaps, is a little thrown off when it's simpler. Anyhow, I love this brand. It's been going since 1916 and still makes a lot of traditional herbal preparations. I just got their Siberian Ginseng which is made with fortified wine. This is a menstruum I see a lot in the older Herbal texts like Culpepper. I also take a PMS capsule by Wild Nutrition who also specialise in food-state supplements. 

So this is my daily self-care ritual caught in a photo. I created a space and I couldn't help but fill it with nourishing supplements and remedies. How do you create space for nourishment in your life, physically or metaphorically?