Plant dye magic

I recently had an enquiry from Rebecca Desnos, a plant dye crafter. It went like this:

"I'd love to know more about some of the plants that I use for fabric dyeing. What traditional medicinal properties do they have and what do you like to do with them? These are some of my favourites dye plants, along with the colours that I get from them. I'd love to know what therapeutic value these plants have."


Nettles - tan/grey

Nettle is a herb of Mars ♂. It has a wonderful protective and strengthening energy to it. It contains a big range of vitamins and minerals which nourish the body and increase your resilience to life. Nettle helps you say no to people and assert your boundaries. 

Goldenrod flowers - yellow/green

 Goldenrod is a herb of Venus ♀. It was used by Culpeper to alleviate kidney stones but as a flower essence it is said to help people express themselves when the opinions of others are too easily swaying them. 

Rosemary - brown/purple grey

Rosemary is a herb of Mars ♂. It has a warming and energising energy to it. It is sometimes called compass plant because it helps you find your way back to yourself. It boosts circulation, especially to the brain. An excellent study-supporter. 

Hawthorn leaves and berries - coral/warm tan

Another herb of Mars ♂! Hawthorn is also a protector with its thorny branches but it has a soft side too. It calms the nervous person who worries themselves till they can't sleep. 

Alder cones and catkins - caramel/golden shades

The alder tree is associated with Venus ♀. This was used by Culpeper for strengthening and cleansing the liver. It has the ability to invigorate a person when they are filled with anxiety.