Project management in sync with your cycle

I charted my hormone cycle using the fertility awareness method for about 10 years and used it as my contraceptive without any near misses. If you're in the same onsatgram circles as me you will have come across the concept of living in sync with your cycle. This idea is due to an acknowledgement that people with female hormone cycles experience changes in their hormones which affect their mind as much as their body.

Each of these phases lend themselves to different ways to work on a project.

Pre-menstrual phase / waning moon / autumn

Day 22-28 (approx)  

We all know this phase. It's when we are most likely to feel irritable, critical and start to want to be alone.  

So, starting with the premenstrual phase, this is when you will be great at criticising and picking something apart. You might get bright shiny glimmers of truths and ideas. You should jot these down ASAP as they won't stick in your mind and will likely flit away.

Menstrual phase / dark moon / winter

Day 1-7 (approx)  

During this phase you have your period. You may feel tired and insular.  

The menstrual phase is when you take those criticisms and construct a plan! Figure out what you want to do, break it down into manageable pieces and add deadlines.  

Pre-ovulatory phase / waxing moon / spring

Day 8-14 (approx)  

During this phase you are going revving up to ovulating and energy is building. You may feel like the dark clouds of menstruating have passed and like you wanna get out the house again!  

The Pre-ovulatory phase is when to start putting your plans into action. Put the foundations in place now.  

Ovulatory phase / full moon / summer

Day 15-21 (approx)  

During this phase you feel charismatic, sexy, magnetic, and ready to party!  

The Ovulatory phase is the best time to shout your new idea from the roof tops. Let people know about it, mingle, network, your charisma will take it to the next level.  

Then when your premenstrual phase hits again you can take a step back and use your critical skills to see where you can improve for the next cycle!  


Some of my best ideas have been ones I allowed myself to ponder for a full month. Using each phase to contemplate the problem from a different angle. This is a brilliant way to utilise your cycles strengths. I also like how this reframes your premenstrual phase as a strength, not just something to dread! It's so important that we redefine what it means to be someone with a female hormone cycle. It's not the curse that we have been led to believe!